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Safe Link Converter


How to use our tool:

  1. Put the link on the Safe Link Converter box with http:// or https://
  2. Use CTRL + V on keyboard to put the link.
  3. Click the Safe Link Now! button to get encrypted link.
  4. Click the Copy your link to clipboard!
  5. Done.


List of Templates


Blog LinkTIM is a blog used to convert article URLs. blog is created and intended for all Internet users, especially for those who have a blog or web who are willing to convert the URL of each article in this safelink blog, then disseminated on their respective blogs or in social media.

This safelink blog only serves as a bridgehead only. Where when people click the URL of the article that has been converted on this blog and then spread elsewhere, then the person will be taken to the linktim page, then will be taken to the original article page.

So, please for those who are willing, we are very grateful to anyone who is willing to convert the URL of his article on this blog. Thank you very much.